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Guliya & Zaur (Azerbaijan)

Wedding Date: 04 May 2013

Story Summary: 1st scene like a boy was born i a family and point somewhere that it was in 1981. Than a girl was born and it was 1990. -2nd scene: He studied - she was playing with dolls. -3rd scene: he left Baku, went to Antaliya ( you can show it like he get on the plane on which was written ANtaliya. While he left to Antaliya, the girl (me) was studying hard. On attached video from youtube you can find the moment when the girl was studying there is a plate with the PSIXOLOQ letter. on My picture it should be : "Academy under the president". -4 scene: the girl has graduated from the university, the boy has came back to Baku. -5 scene: He comes to the cafe and meets his friends ( girls). One of these girls is me. So we have 1 common friend(girl), who has acquanted us. And the boy fell i love. - 6 scene: a boy and a girl in wedding dress and costume. HAPPY END !!!

Project Details: We were contacted by email by Gulia. He wanted to create a Animated Weding Video Invitation based on her real love story. We asked for their real story. Our professional team has worked hard to create every details to fit her vision and ensure to include everything she imagined. Two final videos were delivered on time. Bigger one to share through mail or social networking sites (facebook, Youtube etc) and smaller one to send through WhatsApp or any other Instant Messaging (IM) Apps. And they invited their guests with this modern and unique way. She replied us "Thank you very much! It is a great work ever! so quick and so professional."Later we have also created their daughter Nurel's 1st Birthday animated video.

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Guliya & Zaur

Wedding Date: 04 May 2013

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Their daughter Nurel: Later we have also created their daughter Nurel's 1st Birthday animated video. Have a look.