1. Banner For Youtube :

  • Youtube intro video
  • Youtube Channel Banner
  • Youtube Channel Background
  • Youtube Channel Image Map
  • Facebook Banner
  • and many more...

3. Animated Wedding Video Invite

  • Wedding Video Invites
  • Anniversary Video Invites
  • Ring Ceremony Video Invites
  • Birthday Video Invites
  • Baby Shower Video Invites
  • Get together Video Invites
  • Any party Video Invites
  • 2D/3D/Stop motion Video Invites
  • Custom video invites
  • and many more...

Our Video Invites :

bird theme
bird theme
bird theme
bird theme
bird theme
bird theme

3. Website Design /Develop /Hosting /Domain Registration :

Nowadays website becomes an essential part of every profession. Whether you are a small business owner, inventor, entrepreneur, artist, author, musician or band, you need to have your own website .In the world we live in increasingly people are turning to the Internet to find information, if you don't have a website you are losing something. Below are the glimpse what we do.

  • A complete website deliver
  • Website Design
  • Website Domain (your website name) register
  • Website Hosting (keeping your website on internet)
  • PSD to xHTML and CSS conversion
  • jquery lightbox image gallery
  • jquery and flash animated banner
  • developing using PHP, Mysql, javascript
  • and many more...

Then why are you waiting for, if you donot have a website, get it from us today. Your website is one e-mail away. Contact us at info@reebeca.com


4. Image Retouching & Enhancement :

  • glamour enhancement of portraits
  • smoothen and soften skin texture
  • remove wrinkles and pimples or tattoo
  • change color tone of skin and eyes
  • build & enlarge eyelashes
  • cleanup eye whites
  • correct hair color
  • enhance and reshape lips
  • adding digital Lipstick
  • whiten teeth
  • remove teeth gaps
  • resize or reshape teeth
  • apply or remove make-up
  • slimming of the body i.e. body reshaping
  • spots removal
  • change to plain or artistic background
  • removal or addition of objects
  • and many more...

5. Image Restoration :

  • colorize black-end-white photos
  • recreate missing parts of the image
  • remove scratches, tears, rips and cracks
  • remove dust, mold, print texture, film grain and pin-holes
  • cleanup the picture
  • improve color tone
  • revive faded images
  • correct over- and underexposed images
  • enhance contrast and adjust tonality
  • change to plain or artistic background
  • removal or addition of objects
  • and many more...

6. Modern Digital Designer Album Design

Beautiful photographs are a delight to eyes when they are presented in a neatly and creatively laid out album. We can arrange your special occasion photographs in a pleasant way. All you need to do is give your photographs and we deliver you a beautifully laid out album's designed pages as per your specifications. Each of our album designs are created from scratch, never using templates. We are experienced in creating storytelling designs with your best images. There are no limits to the design styles that we can achieve. You can let us know exactly what you like, or we can emulate an existing design style for you.

  • custom wedding album design
  • created from scratch, never using templates
  • creating storytelling designs
  • Karizma and Kodak Album Design

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