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Nandhini & Satish (USA)

Wedding Date: 29th June 2014

Story Summary: I born and raised in Delhi ( North India) but my native is Chennai(South India) whereas she born and raised in Chennai . All my relatives live in Chennai, so during my childhood me, mom and younger brother used to visit grandma in Chennai during summer vacation. Fortunately or unfortunately there was no kids of my age in my grandma 's neighborhood but only little cute girl, and thats how i met her. We used to play games, watch movies and grandpa used to take us to beach every weekend. So she was like my summer vacation best friend, but when i went to high school, i stopped visiting my grand parents home due to studies, coaching classes and.... (for more see the below video)

Project Details: We were contacted by email by Mr Satish. He wanted to create a Animated Weding Video Invitation based on his real story. We asked for the real story and created the animated video. Our professional team has worked hard to create every details to fit his vision and ensure to include everything he imagined. Two final videos were delivered on time. Bigger one to share through mail or social networking sites (facebook, Youtube etc) and smaller one to send through WhatsApp or any other Instant Messaging (IM) Apps. And they invited their guests with this modern and unique way. We wished them a wonderfull love life..

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