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Murali & Manjusha (Dubai)

Wedding Date: 7th December 2013

Story Summary: 1. The guy is working in Dubai and the Girl is working in Bangalore. Both had been searching for a life partner for over an year through various marriage bureaus. They dont find one all through the one year. 2. Then we both meet in a town called "Kurnool". We spoke for over an hour and realized our interests matched so well and we were the right people for each other. The date of this meeting is 5th July 2013. 4. 12th July 2013was a very long day when we were waiting for the final decision from the girl side. Finally they said ok. And both of our families agreed to get us married. We both were longing to talk to each other. With much of deliberation and thinking, I finally sent a frioend request on Facebook. She accepts in 3 seconds. She was also waiting for my request and thinking the same as me at that time. We started talking at 10 30 PM on 12 th July. The first evening went on very long night chat. 5. From there on.... (for more see the below video)

Project Details: We were contacted by email by Mr. Murali. He wanted a Stop motion type video, in a very romantic theme with a beautiful romantic song.  We asked for the real story and created the animated video. Our professional team has worked hard to create every details to fit his vision and ensure to include everything he imagined. Two final videos were delivered on time. Bigger one to share through mail or social networking sites (facebook, Youtube etc) and smaller one to send through WhatsApp or any other Instant Messaging (IM) Apps. And they invited their guests with this modern and unique way. We wished them a wonderfull love life.

Murali & Manjusha

Wedding Date: 7th December 2013

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